About Us

Our company is guided by principles of quality, integrity, and commitment.

ATM Solutions, Inc. was established in 1994 as an ATM cash replenishment and maintenance company. Today we are one of the largest independently-owned armored car companies in the country with 15 full-service vaulted facilities and nearly 250 employees. We service thousands of ATMs in 12 states and are a trusted service provider for some of the largest banks, credit unions and independent ATM deployers in the country.

We provide financial institutions and retailers a single source for consistent and reliable ATM, Smart Safe & Armored Courier services. We feel, as do our customers, we are the finest cash handling service provider in the industry. We have the personnel, the technology, and the attitude to deliver superior results.

Our Corporate Headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio with regional offices in Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Louisville, Lexington, Charleston WV, Knoxville, Nashville, Charlotte & Atlanta.